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Tara Johnson

Tara Johnson is a Media Personality, Actress, Lawyer and Producer who is best described as a straight-shooter with a splash of Southern charm.

Fans will recognize Tara from her time as a host on Maria Menounos’ ‘after-show’ online network AfterBuzz TV and as co-host of “Phenomenal Women,” a show on Black Hollywood Live, the first online network dedicated to African Americans in entertainment. Tara initially gained attention for her talents as a tech savvy host on the popular Chicago-based online network, Overexposuretv.

This Athens, GA native (and UGA Bulldog!) doesn’t take anything for granted, including her life. At the young age of 20, she lost her father to lung cancer and at 25, Tara was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. A determined young woman, she never gave up and is now cancer-free and thankful for the life lessons this experience brought her. Her desire for learning has also earned her two BBAs, an MBA, a JD and a certificate in Television Writing and Producing. This Southern belle took her skills to New York City, where she spent several years as a successful lawyer before making a career change and diving into the entertainment arena. Tara credits all of her success to her belief in God and the love and support of her family.

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Tara Johnson

25 Things You Don’t Know About Me

  1. IMG_0503Words Wine WomanI’m a proud Gemini – June 1st baby!
  2. I studied Japanese in college but I only remember one phrase now.
  3. I was an accounting major… two or three times. I lost count!
  4. I eventually graduated with two BBAs, an MBA, a JD and a certificate in Television Writing and Producing.
  5. I know absolutely nothing, nothing, nothing about make-up. I proudly wear Blistex!
  6. I only survived living in Chicago for 15 months. I punked out. It was just too cold.
  7. I often practice a British accent in the hopes that Idris Elba will one day fall in love with me. I want him to feel comfortable.
  8. I’m a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer at 25 years old but I’m blessed, alive and kicking!!
  9. I have an older brother, an older sister and two older half sisters. I’m the baby!!
  10. My brother is the absolute smartest person I know. My sister is the kindest person I know.
  11. I started balancing a checkbook and paying household bills when I was in elementary school. My Dad taught me how to do it and it was one of my monthly duties as a kid.TTJ Childhood
  12. My mother taught me about self-confidence. Her mantra is “it is a po’ dog that won’t wag its own tail”. It has only been recently that I truly understood the meaning of that phrase. Now I live by it!
  13. As a kid growing up in Athens, GA, I always wanted to live in New York City and Los Angeles. I lived in NYC for 11 years. I’ve been in LA for 3 years! Dreams do come true.
  14. When I moved to NYC, I had never visited the city and knew no one. I took 5 suitcases. I figured if it didn’t work, I’d move back home.
  15. My first car: gold 1977 Ford LTD.
  16. I never wanted to practice law. I went to law school and business school for the skills but I got caught up and practiced law in NYC for many years. Be careful – time flies!
  17. I have been dreaming about producing and hosting something like “Words, Wine & Women” for about 7 years.Words, Wine, and Women-339
  18. One day I will color my hair RED and LOVE it!
  19. I sometimes babysit a little Chihuahua named Paco. The first time he licked my face I was a goner!
  20. My family is the most important thing to me. Even though I moved away 16 years ago, I pray they know that.
  21. When I held my nephew in my arms (the day he was born–his birthday is the day before mine), I knew I had to find my purpose and work to leave a real legacy. He deserves that!
  22. “Imitation of Life” (color and B&W) is my favorite movie. I cry every time.
  23. My ultimate pet peeve is selfishness.
  24. I will try any new workout that fits the market. I’m finishing P90X3 now.
  25. There is nothing better in life than a good piece of red velvet cake. (Maybe the second piece is better.)

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