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TJ Tells All Ep. 4 – It is 2016….what the what?!

On Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for a brand new “TJ Tells All” session on Periscope. This week, to start the year off fresh, Tara decided to dedicate this discussion of#TJtellsAll to the new year instead of doing her normal weekly product review. This conversation was all about making and breaking those notorious new year’s resolutions, and some solid words of advice from TJ herself.

Watch the replay of the Periscope session below and read on to get a full recap of Tara’s advice to everyone in 2016:

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TJ Tells All Ep. 3 – Champagne is so 2015! NYE Alternative Beverages

On Wednesday December 30, 2015, Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for another round of “TJ Tells All” on Periscope. Since New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, Tara was discussing celebrating the evening and more importantly, what we’ll be drinking! Since not everyone out there drinks alcohol, (and some of us try to moderate the number of drinks we have), Tara decided to review 3 alternative and affordable beverages to help ring in the new year.

Watch the replay of the Periscope session below and read on for more information about each beverage.

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TJ Tells All Ep. 2 – Tara Talks Holiday Gifts (Under $20!)

On Wednesday December 23, 2015, Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for another round of “TJ Tells All” on Periscope. This week, since it’s the Eve of Christmas Eve, the discussion was all about GIFTS under $20 that are super functional and fun!

Watch a replay of the episode here and read on for a detailed summary of every product Tara reviewed on #TJtellsAll.

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TJ Tells All Ep. 1 – Cize Dance Workout

Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, features a brand new segment this week on Periscope and dishes out the latest scoop on her favorite products, beauty supplies, fitness crazes, you name it! After working on Words, Wine and Women, Tara has had the chance to review two amazing products:

  • Kegel Exercisers – A product designed to exercise your kegel muscles! It’s been tested, tucked and squeezed.
  • Still Standing Spray – The revolutionary topical product that stops “Stiletto Suffering” BEFORE it starts!

This week on #TJtellsAll Tara talks fitness. As a huge fan of Tai bo, Jilian Michaels, Bob Harper, Insanity, P90X3 and T25, Tara discussed the newest exercise craze to hit the market – Cize Dance Workout by Shaun T.

This amazing fitness routine is a lot less exercise and a lot more fun and dancing! It teaches you how to dance while burning some serious calories – all while having FUN! Yes, FUN!

Forget about exercise, this is the end of ExerCIZE as you know it! In about 30-40 minutes you’ll dance up an AMAZING flow that makes you feel like you’ve actually worked out for hours after you’re finished! Watch the full review here:

Cize Dance Workout gives you SIX completely exhilarating, calorie-scorching dance courses, each with fresh moves and music. They break down each routine, step-by-step, move-by-move, slowly building up to a full combination. By the end of the program, you’ll be totally confident in your incredible dance skills and lean body!

Interested in Cize Dance Workout for yourself? Buy it at Beachbody.com  for just 3 monthly payments of $19.95 (+$12.95 s&h) or on Amazon.com. Cize also makes the perfect Christmas or gift for the holidays!

Tara will be back next Wednesday, December 23 for another #TJtellsAll.

Got an idea for a product you’d like Tara to try out and review on #TJtellsAll? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!

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