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Season 3 Premiere: Conscious Cocktails, Wine Worthy Conversation and How to Handle Depression in Your Relationship

Words, Wine and Women is back with a bang! Season 3 opens with guest co-host, Brooke Soliz and Tara Johnson welcoming the Natural Mixologist, Marsha Meyers to the mix where Marsha breaks down “conscious cocktails” and tantalizes the taste buds with the cocktail, “Fall in Love” and the mocktail, “Cherish the Moment”.

Brooke and Tara sit down for some Wine Worthy Conversation discussing women and politics, “Are We Really Ready for a Female President?”, women in the workplace, “What Have You Been Told about Succeeding as a Woman in the Workplace?” and women and their BFFs, “Do We Need Help Finding Friends?”

To wrap the episode, Rhonda Richards-Smith joins Tara and Brooke to provide poignant tips and suggestions when dealing with a loved ones, significant other or spouse’s depression.



Guest Co-Host: Brooke Soliz






Guest Mixologist: Marsha Meyers, the Natural Mixologist




Guest Expert: Rhonda Richards-Smith, LCSW






Resources Mentioned

  • The Natural Mixologist Essential Zest Cocktail Mixer
  • The Natural Mixologist Cocktail Perfume Fall Spice




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Season 2 Episode 8 – Lightening Round Questions

Your wine tasting buddies are back. This week, the hostesses of Words, Wine and Women bring you a few interesting topics in their lightening round questions including shoe of choice, guilty pleasures, and free money! Get ready to share a good time as you sip your favorite wine amongst friends.

Lightening Round Questions

After sipping on a bit of wine, Tara got straight to it with this week’s lightening round of questions:

Do you prefer flats, heels, or sneakers? #FavoriteShoes

Let’s face it. Every woman is different. Though some divas might like the idea of rocking their favorite pair of red bottom black pumps, others might prefer a pair of Nike or a cute pair of ballet flats to coordinate with their outfit.

As the ladies provided their answers, they pointed out a few factors that could easily contribute to their shoe of choice including comfort and functionality. Though none of the hosts of Words, Wine and Women stated that they were sneaker ladies, Mary Beth did point out that it depends on what she’s doing for the day. A mom on the go might need to have on sneakers, flats, and heels all in the course of a day.

So what type of shoe do you prefer?

Flats, heels or sneakers? What is your go-to shoe of choice?

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What Are Your Guilty Pleasures? #GuiltyPleasure

Guilty pleasures…we all have them. For some, it might mean indulging in more sweets than we should while others might read gossip columns or binge watch their favorite television show. It’s those things that we enjoy doing, but probably shouldn’t do as often. Well Tara wanted to know what guilty pleasures the ladies had, and some of the responses might surprise you.

Candice started off this round with a guilty pleasure for which many of us might be able to relate…lurking on social media. Candice admits to stalking guys she’s interested in dating on social media before they link up. Jacque’s answer was another common guilty pleasure – one that doesn’t need explanation…chocolate. Shannon said reality TV while Mary Beth and Tara touch on trashy gossip magazines such as US Weekly.

Now that we’ve given you a few ideas… What are your guilty pleasures?

What is your guilty pleasure?

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Would You Rather Go on a Free Trip or Receive Free Money? #VacationorMoney

Anything with the word free in front of it is a bonus, but what if you had the opportunity to go on any trip you want to anywhere in world for as long as you wanted or receive an undisclosed amount of cash? No strings attached? Which would you choose? Tara wanted to know that very thing so she asked the ladies.

Needless to say, this was a unanimous decision – money! Everyone would rather have that cold hard cash in hand.

Which would you choose? Trip or Money?

If you had the option to choose a free, all-expenses paid vacation anywhere in the world, or to receive money, which would you choose?

View Results

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Join The Conversation

Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Use the hashtags #FavoriteShoes, #GuiltyPleasure and #VacationorMoney. 

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Season 2 Episode 7 – Chardonnay Tasting & Lightening Round

Get ready to get your drink on! The hostesses of Words, Wine and Women are bringing you a taste of Chardonnay from two different countries. Guest and sommelier, Grace Giovannetti gives us a few lessons about Chardonnay from France and California in the segment #TastetheChardonnay.

Of course the fun didn’t stop there. This episode talks about superpowers, the mind or body of a 30 year old, and websites you just can’t do without. Get ready for a few laughs and a few lessons with your favorite hostesses.

Lightening Round Questions

After the Chardonnay tasting, the ladies embarked the latest installment of lightening round questions:

What’s your superpower? #Superwoman

When the topic of superpowers comes up, most of us would think about the types of powers we’d like to have such as the ability to fly, x-ray vision, or super strength. However, Tara took a different approach during rapid round asking the ladies an interesting question:

What is your “superpower?”

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In other words, what do you believe is already super about who you are? It really got the ladies thinking as they spewed off answers like, “being weird”, “intuitive”, “a conversation starter” and more.

Do you have talents, skills, or abilities that you would say are your superpower?

Mind or Body of a 30 Year Old? #MindorBody

Getting old is a natural part of life. With that of course comes wisdom, and experience ….but let’s face it, there comes a point where your mind and your body start to, fade away. So Tara asked the ladies of Words, Wine and Women a question in which most of the ladies agreed on.

At the age of 90, if you were given the option to have the mind of a 30 year old or the body of a 30 year old for the rest of your days, which would you choose?

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Most of the women agreed that they’d like to keep the wisdom and experience that comes with age, but they’d prefer to have a body that was “snatched” to go along with it – making the more obvious choice the body of a 30 year old.

Which would you rather have at the age of 90, the mind or the body of a 30 year old?

Which Website Do You Visit Every Day? #DailyCheckIn

There are billions of users on the internet at any given time. Thanks to technology like smartphones and mobile devices, a person can spend a greater part of their day surfing the web. For the final rapid round of questions, Tara wanted to know:

What is one website you couldn’t go a day without visiting?

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The ladies didn’t disappoint throwing out interesting sites like, Media Takeout, The Huffington Post, Facebook, and let’s not forget Words, Wine, and Women which Tara so adamantly pointed out!

With thousands of websites out there to surf on the daily basis, which do sites do you visit every day? Social Media? News? Gossip Columns? Let us know what you think.

Join The Conversation

Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Use the hashtags #TastetheChardonnay#Superwoman, #MindorBody and #DailyCheckIn.

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Season 2 Episode 6 – Wine From Down Under & Lightening Round

Regrets, toilet paper, and a woman on the 10-dollar bill – the ladies of “Words, Wine and Women” keep us laughing on this week’s episode. Certified Sommelier Clare Tudor stops by to give the ladies a taste of two wines from Australia – a Leeuwin Estate Chardonnay and a Beresford McLaren Vale Shiraz. So grab your favorite wine and get ready to have a great time sipping and laughing amongst friends.

Lightening Round Questions

After the wine tasting, the ladies embarked the latest installment of lightening round questions:


Although this question has sparked tremendous debate for years, the ladies seem to be in agreement that there are more pressing questions for them: “whether the toilet seat should be left up or down?” or “where do you squeeze the toothpaste tube”?

So, we ask you:

Toilet paper - over or under?

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Life throws many twists and turns your way and the decisions we make could possibly affect every day thereafter so the ladies address whether our regrets include the things we do or do not do?

For our “Words, Wine and Women” quintet, the answer was exactly the same – if we have any regrets, we would regret the things we do not do. Life is short. These ladies go for it!

Now, we ask you:

Would you regret not doing something more than actually doing it?

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We are witnessing history in the making as our United States Government considers adding the face of a woman to the new $10 bill. Since the question was posed to the public in June of 2015, everyone has had something to say.

Disregarding what the US government rules, the ladies threw out their ideas. Can you guess whom they nominated?

Who would you nominate?

Which woman would you want to see on the $10 bill?

View Results

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Join The Conversation

Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtags #WineFromDownUnder, #UnderorOver, #NoRegrets and #thenew10.

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Words, Wine & Women PSA for ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association

This Valentine’s Day, if you love someone, encourage him or her to get a neck check. A thyroid check is fast, easy, painless and the few seconds it takes could save their life!

Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. (ThyCa) is kicking off a Public Service Awareness Campaign in advance of Valentine’s Day with the ladies of Words, Wine and Women! The purpose of this PSA is to raise awareness about thyroid disease, so this month, we are urging you to get your neck checked and advise your loved ones to do the same.

This campaign was produced by Tara Johnson, host of Words, Wine and Women, and encourages everyone to get a neck check at their next doctor appointment. ThyCa is available to provide support and resources for anyone who has been recently diagnosed with thyroid cancer or is living as a survivor.

ThyCa is dedicated to providing free educational materials and resources to anyone affected or impacted by thyroid cancer worldwide. We also help fund thyroid cancer research, in hopes of finding cures for this fast growing disease. Greater awareness about thyroid cancer and thyroid disease can help people live a healthier and better life.

– Gary Bloom, ThyCa Executive Director and thyroid cancer survivor

For more information about thyroid cancer, please visit the ThyCa website at www.thyca.org.


Help Spread The Word About Thyroid Cancer & Early Detection 

Those participating in the campaign are encouraged to post on social media when they have gotten a neck check, use the hashtag #ThyCaNeckCheck, and urge loved ones to participate.

About ThyCa

ThyCa: Thyroid Cancer Survivors’ Association, Inc. is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of thyroid cancer survivors, family members, and health care professionals started in 1995. The organization is dedicated to support, education, and communication for thyroid cancer survivors, their families and friends, as well as thyroid cancer research fundraising and research grants. ThyCa also sponsors Thyroid Cancer Awareness Month and year-round awareness activities. For more information, visit www.thyca.org, or follow ThyCa on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

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Season 2 Episode 5 – Childless Flights & Mommy Shaming

The ladies of Words, Wine and Women are back for Episode 5 of Season 2 with another wine worthy conversation. On this episode, the hosts talk child-free flights, parents paying extra for children’s airline tickets, and the problem with “mommy shaming.” This discussion is all about motherhood, children and the ways in which we are all affected by society’s stigmas about parents.

Whether you’re a mom (or dad), have kids, or not, this conversation is for you – Words, Wine and Women is asking you to give us your opinion and share how you feel about these often sensitive subjects.

Childless Flights

To start off this wine worthy conversation, Tara asks the ladies to share their thoughts on the concept of “childless flights.”

Would you pay more for an airline ticket if you knew there wouldn’t be any children on the flight?

Alternatively, should parents have to pay extra to purchase children airline tickets? Since most people on the plane are not children, would it make sense for a child’s ticket to be more expensive in order to compensate for any disruption they might cause other passengers?  

Would you pay extra for a child-free flight? Do you think charging extra for a child airline ticket would improve or change the way parents travel with children?

Share your thoughts on #ChildlessFlights with us and let us know if you would pay extra for a flight without kids on it, or if you think parents should have to pay more for a child’s airline ticket. 

Would you pay more for a Childfree flight?

  • Don't Care (0%)
  • Unsure (0%)
  • No (50%)
  • Yes (50%)
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Mommy Shaming

On a similar note, Tara brings up the rising occurrence of blaming, shaming, and judging other women, moms in particular, about their parenting choices. This critical behavior is commonly known as “mommy shaming,” and it occurs when grown adults bully moms. 

Imagine you’re on a flight with a helpless mother and her screaming child – would you think poorly of the mother? Are you guilty of shaming a mom for not being able to comfort and calm her child down in public?

It seems as though a large majority of people, not just mothers, discredit, disgrace, and in some cases degrade other mothers. The ladies agree that although we unfortunately do judge moms and shame them for different choices – we are often times unaware of the whole situation. To solve this problem and combat judgmental thoughts about mother’s, Candice suggests putting yourself in her shoes and considering what she must be going through. Most moms are doing the best they can and they don’t need strangers to make their lives more difficult.

Tell us what you think about mom shaming and judging other moms based on their parenting choices. Do you think it’s fair to judge a mom as a bystander/ stranger who knows nothing of the situation? 

Are you guilty of Mommy (or Daddy) shaming?

  • Don't Care (0%)
  • Unsure (14%)
  • No (29%)
  • Yes (57%)
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Join The Conversation

Share your thoughts and let your voice be heard! Join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram by using the hashtags #ChildlessFlights & #NoMommyShaming or leave us a comments below.

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Season 2 Episode 4 – Wine Tasting & Ditch Gender Labels

The ladies of Words, Wine and Women are ringing in the New Year with Episode 4 of Season 2 and they’re back at Lou’s On The Hill, the modern and luxurious Italian restaurant in Los Angeles. To start off this episode’s Wine Worthy Conversation, Certified Sommelier and luxury jewelry and fashion consultant, Grace Giovannetti joins the ladies for a quick wine tasting.

Designer Wines

Grace introduces two bold and beautiful Sicilian red wines that blend the elements of fashion and the fine arts with our favorite beverage! These selections are unique not just because of the way that they taste; these wines are also very aesthetically pleasing. World-renowned fashion designers created the labels for these bottles of wine and sales proceeds from each designer bottle sold helps to restore classic Sicilian art.


Feudi del Pisciotto ‘Valentino’ Merlot – Sicily, Italy

This red wine produced by Feudi del Pisciotto features the signature Couture red rose label designed by Valentino. Grace points out how this Merlot has an initial aroma of red fruits, like plums, complimented with notes of olives to create a spicy and toasty finish.

FeudidelPisciotto_VersaceNerod’AvolaSiciliaIGT_bottleThumbFeudi del Pisciotto ‘Versace’ Nero d’Avola – Sicily, Italy

This wine features Nero d’Avola, a grape variety that best represents Sicily’s winemaking identity as well as the signature Medusa head bottle label designed by Versace. Grace noted deep aromas of red cherries, currents and blueberries with a spicy, toasty finish that comes from French oak barrels.

Wine Worthy Conversation: #DitchGenderLabels

After a little wine tasting, the ladies shared their favorite childhood toy. Get ready for some nostalgia because these toys are sure to jog your childhood memories:

  • Jacque – a stuffed bear named Teddy (that she still has today!)
  • Beth – Barbie’s and Fashion Plates
  • Candice – A Cabbage Patch Kids doll that wore the outfit she came home in from the adoption agency
  • Shannon – Light Bright and Speak & Spell
  • TaraMatchBox Toy car collection

Then, the ladies got real about what some might feel is a sensitive topic. Why do certain retailers separate toys into sections “only for boys” or “only for girls” and not both? Last year, after Target announced that they would be eliminating “boys” and “girls” signs from its toys and bedding departments, consumers replied in both high praise and extreme outrage.

So the ladies ask, does this topic even concerns kids or is this really more of an issue that adults have with acceptance and change? Do kids notice when retailers divide toys into ‘boys’ or ‘girls’ colors, themes, and styles?

The hosts of Words, Wine and Women agree that any separation of gender sends a limiting message to kids about what they think they are “supposed to” like and who they are supposed to be.

Do you think promoting gender neutral toys today will change the perceptions of genders in the future?

  • Don’t Care (0%)
  • Unsure (0%)
  • No (17%)
  • Yes (83%)
Loading ... Loading ...

Join The Conversation

What do you think about toy stores removing the gender designations for toys? Do these gender gaps deny children the chance to make the choices they really want?

Tell us what you think in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Use #DitchGenderLabels and let your voice be heard!

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Season 2 Episode 3 – #StillStandingParty

On this episode, the ladies at Words, Wine and Women have a party… a #StillStandingParty that is! This discussion is all about everyone’s favorite accessory – SHOES – and the often uncomfortable and unbearable pain that we endure just to wear a pair of stylish stilettos.

To solve this problem, Still Standing® let the ladies try Still Standing® Total Comfort Spray, a one-of-a-kind topical foot spray that stops “Stiletto Suffering” BEFORE it starts. Still Standing® provides temporary relief of minor aches & pains of muscles and joints and can be used with any type of shoe, not just heels!

Lyn Butler is the mastermind behind, Still Standing® Spray, which uses a Patent-Pending formula made from soothing Eco-Distilled™ certified organic arnica and aloe. The arnica and aloe work as natural fighters of inflammation and pain and combined with menthol to provide an intense cooling sensation on your feet.


The cooling, tingling and relieving effect of Still Standing® Spray typically lasts anywhere from one and a half to four hours depending upon the person.

Still Standing® spray is clear, stain-free and quick drying. It can be used on bare skin or through regular stockings and can be applied up to 4 times in any 24 hour period.

After trying Still Standing® Spray, the ladies give us an honest review of what they thought of it.

Overall, they rated Still Standing® Total Comfort Spray 4.5 out of 5 stars!


Although a few of the ladies didn’t really care for the intense menthol fragrance of the spray, they all agreed that it subsided a few minutes after application.

In all, the ladies certainly felt that Still Standing® Spray should be an essential of every heel loving fashionista.

SO… they are continuing the #StillStandingParty all week long on Instagram! This exclusive party will feature awesome giveaways that you won’t want to miss, visit #StillStandingParty Instagram Giveaway for all the details!!

Keep the conversation going on FacebookTwitter and Instagram. Answer and tweet, share and use #StillStandingParty!

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Season 2 Episode 2 – Wine Tips with Rachel Macalisang

In a new feature within the Words, Wine and Women series, we expand on the wine tasting and wine notes with each sommelier with #winetips. Rachel Macalisang introduces our hosts to two selections of wine. Sawahime Junmai Ginjo sake and The Particular Garnacha Old Vine.

The garnacha is a rich red wine from San Valero winery. It is a bottle of The Particular Garnacha Old Vine, 2012. Tasting notes from the vineyards:

“Deeply cherry coloured, well covered, it has aromas of black ripe fruits, with balsamic hints and subtly spiced, given by its aging in barrels. On the palate, it has a powerful entry, juicy and very tasty, with good persistence of retronasal aroma, fruity and ripe.”

The sake has an aroma and taste of pears that are predominant on the palette with a medium body. Sawahime Junmai Ginjo is a sake from David Bowler Wine. Tasting notes from the vineyard:

“This sake has subtle aromas of green apple, green asparagus, melon, creamy tapioca, sweet pea, floral shop. On the palate comes fresh and pure flavors, medium body, dry to off dry, melon rind, dried pear, cashew, white pepper and an intriguing herbal, eucalyptus flavor, finishing with crisp acidiy.”

We want to know what you think of the wines as well. So pick up a bottle. Swirl, sniff and sip and let us know your #winetips for wine tasting!

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Welcome to Season 3 of Words, Wine and Women

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Season 2 Episode 1- Wine Tasting & Lightening Questions

The beautiful Rachel Macalisang walks the ladies through two selections of wine. Sawahime Junmai Ginjo sake and The Particular Garnacha Old Vine.

Starting with the wine tasting, because who doesn’t love wine? The garnacha is a rich red wine from San Valero winery. It is a bottle of The Particular Garnacha Old Vine, 2012. The deep cherry color is only a hint to the aroma of the ripe fruits and subtle spices found within this garnacha.

The sake has an aroma and taste of pears that are predominant on the palette with a medium body. Sawahime Junmai Ginjo is a sake from David Bowler Wine. The fruity aroma and pear taste that infuses with green apple, and floral shop allow for finishing with crisp acidly.

After a bit of wine tasting, the ladies get together for the first ever “Lightening Round” on Words, Wine and Women. Questions for this week’s lightening round:

What is your favorite body part on a man?
What is your favorite body part on a woman?
Favorite sex position?
Do you use “making love”, “sex” or “f—“ to describe your intimate time?

(click here to answer and see how you compare with the ladies and the audience)

Keep the conversation going. Answer and tweet, share and use #wineforthebody!
Words, Wine and Women is a talk show unlike any other. Women talk truths over a good wine. Add in wine and honest real women and you get an awesome show that wants YOUR opinion. Subscribe to the Words, Wine and Women channel for wine tastings and real talk between friends.

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