Words Wine Women


Words, Wine and Women is back for Round 2. Season 2  asks the questions you are thinking, tries the wine you want and this season wants YOUR opinion. Words, Wine & Women™ is all new, all out and all about getting to know you!

There are no limits to the kinds of topics that are discussed on Words, Wine and Women™ and there are certainly no limits to the fun that can be had!

Buckle up ladies and gents – it’s time for something different! This new and exciting web series offers a unique look into the realm of today’s woman. When you put five dynamic females together and mix in a little wine, you’re sure to get some pretty interesting conversations. There is no topic that is too racy or too controversial. Don’t get us wrong, we don’t tackle sensitive subjects merely for shock value; we talk about the things that matter most to you. From questions about sex that you might be too afraid to ask to heated political debates, Words, Wine and WomenTM is a supportive forum where we feel comfortable enough to challenge each other on hot topics all while having a blast.

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