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It’s Our Birthday, Help Us Celebrate!

The Words, Wine and Women Birthday Celebration is now over! We will be sending email notifications to all the winners ASAP! 

Thank you for participating and celebrating with us!

Words, Wine and Women is kicking off their 1-year birthday celebration and you’re invited to the party!!!

To celebrate the occasion, we want to thank YOU for supporting the web series and give you exclusive Words, Wine and Women Swag!


To enter the giveaway, simply enter your email address here:


Enter Words, Wine and Women Birthday Celebration Contest


Once entered in the giveaway you have the chance to win some amazing prizes. Here’s some of the awesome #WWWswag you could score:

  • A Premium Spa Kit 

Nothing more deserved than pampering and a little “me” time. “Words, Wine and Women” has the perfect thing – a spa kit that includes a sisal sponge, pumice stone, wood hairbrush and a flower sponge, all enclosed in a mesh bag with a drawcord closure.BONUS GIFT (while supplies last): 1/2oz. ANNCAROL Coconut Lavender Hair/Body Oil and 1/2oz. ANNCAROL Peppermint Chamomile Hair/Body Oil from AnnCarol Beauty.

  • “Words, Wine and Women” T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a comfortable t-shirt? Rock a “Words, Wine and Women” 100% preshrunk cotton t-shirt with double-needle stitching. The t-shirt is seamless rib at neck and taped shoulder-to-shoulder. Comes in sizes S, M, L, XL and 2X with a silver (as shown in the picture), black or pink logo.

  • “Words, Wine and Women” Wine Glasses

What is wine without the right wine glasses? The stable rounded bowls have a slight taper at the top for your standard swirling. The clear glass allows the rich wine colors to shine through. Holds 21oz. of any wine of your choosing.

  • Power Bank

This personalized power bank features a 4000mAh capacity and 5.0V/1A output, enough power to fully charge most smartphones. The charging cable doubles as a lanyard attachment, conveniently keeping the two components together. Just use your computer to recharge the lithium polymer battery for emergencies. Clip this metal power bank onto backpacks and purses, or stow it away in the glovebox—you can take this device, and your logo, everywhere. Don’t find yourself with a dead battery or lost in unfamiliar territory without a plan B. For adventurous hikers, train commuters and solo drivers, this portable device will have you feeling free and connected, simultaneously. Size: 2-5/8″ x 4-1/2″ x 3/8″.

  • Michael Kors Jet Set Medium Logo Crossbody

A busy woman today needs a handbag that makes everyday life a little bit easier. One high-style handbag: our Jet Set medium logo crossbody is an eye-catching style you can take anywhere. High-shine hardware highlights our signature print, while the inside compartments and pockets can hold your passport, wallet and cellphone.

  • Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Medium Tote

A Triple W woman deserves nothing but the best – a Michael Kors Jet Set tote. Crafted from durable and distinctive Saffiano leather and adorned with the Michael Kors logo hardware, this elegant essential features polished top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap. Whether you’re airport-bound or en route to the office, it will leave an impression that’s both luxe and lasting.

  • Trip To Los Angeles And Visit To “Words, Wine And Women” Set

Join the ladies of “Words, Wine and Women” in Los Angeles, CA as we shoot an episode of Season 3. Trip includes a 3-day/2-night trip to Los Angeles, CA, a 2-night stay in a hotel near the shooting location and a visit to the set of “Words, Wine and Women” where you can watch as all the magic happens.



After you enter, please invite all your girlfriends, sisters and even your mom to the celebration too! You’ll earn an extra entry point for each person who signs up through your link, so don’t forget to use the personal share link we send in your verification email to tell your friends about our #1stbirthday and their chance to win some fab #WWWswag. Also, remember to check your progress to see how many points you’ve collected.

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Think Like A Leader

The ladies of Words, Wine and Women would like to take a moment to congratulate the amazing Beth Gonzales, mom, Words, Wine and Women host and now blogger, for being published on lollietot.com. She’s our very own Mommy Blogger!!! Read on to learn how to make the most of your time as a parent by thinking like a leader.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This article was originally published on lollietot.com. Click here to read the original article.

Want To Make The Most Of Your Time As A Parent?

Think Like A Leader.

There are thousands of theories and definitions on the topic of leadership. Moreover, as a leadership development professional, I have met with many CEOs and anecdotally heard thousands more. Yes, without a doubt, each and every successful leader has their own unique ingredients for success. Despite this uniqueness, there are key principles to effective leadership that no great leader can dismiss. The same applies to parenthood. Why? Because when you become a parent, you become a leader!

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Has Social Media Become a Platform for the Objectification of Women

Women or objects? That is the trending question when it comes to women posting photographs on social media. Females from all walks of life are constantly being thrown into the fire of social media scrutiny with little consideration. Not every female is vying for the attention of the world. Yet on a daily basis they are met with terrible comments that often make them feel bad about themselves. So you’ve got to ask yourself, is social media doing more harm than good in women’s fight for equality and the feminist movement?

“They Ask for It”

All too often you hear the excuse, “Well if they dress that way, aren’t they asking for that type of attention?” However, that would be along the lines of saying a woman who is wearing a tight shirt and a short skirt deserves to be sexually harassed because of what she has on. Really? It’s unfortunate that it’s 2016 and we still have to argue this stance.

Now that is not to say that there aren’t women out there that want that type of attention – to an extent. Women in the sex, porn, stripper, or even music video industries might like the idea of being objectified because their bodies are essentially what makes them money. They want to hear a man talking about how sexy her body looks, because this is what sales and is ultimately what gets them where they want to be. But that is a small percentage of women and even they don’t ALWAYS want to be viewed as sexual objects.

“They Shouldn’t Post”

There are critics that will say, “If they don’t want that type of attention, they shouldn’t post those types of pictures.” However, the truth is that there are women who are objectified and have not put out a “sexy” picture. Tia Mowry for instance posted pictures last year of herself and her family. Social media instantly started trolling her page calling her unattractive, overweight, and some even assumed she had to be pregnant! Tia was fully clothed, she was smiling, and to us she looked amazing. Turns out she had put on an extra 15 pounds because she was happy with her life and her career!

Everyone who utilizes social media understands that with it comes the potential for some pretty harsh feedback. Anything from an article or status update to a picture or a video is placed on a platform for the world to see, view, and comment on. Naturally, if there is something you don’t want the world to see, you wouldn’t post it.


As a social media account holder, you should not have to have your picture picked apart in the way that many do. If you lose weight, you’re too skinny. If you gain weight, you’re too fat. If you’re fully clothed you’re unattractive or boring. If you’re in a bathing suit, you’re a slut and a sex object. If you’re breastfeeding your child in public you’re a disgrace and an embarrassment.

Why can’t a woman share her new outfit, vacation pictures, precious moments with her children, or just a selfie without social media trolls attacking her physical appearance? Does society have such a strong ideology about women that they can’t look past the physical attributes and see a human being?

Unfortunately, these are questions we’re still trying to answer.

A Platform for Advocacy

Now social media is not ALL about objectifying women. In fact, for many females, it has been a platform for advocacy. It is a place where women can share their beliefs and speak to the masses about how women are treated in society today. There are lots of women who are speaking out for the feminist movement and making big statements.


Madonna Badger launched the #womenarenotobjects campaign. As she did a Google search of the terms objectification of women, she came across so many negative images that she felt compelled to do something about it. Madonna created a Youtube Video which displays women reviewing sexist ads. The campaign hopes to spread the word through social media on the objectification of women.


After having a child, some women experience stretch marks and other physical changes that society would like to say make them less appealing. Two mothers had had enough of the scrutiny they received about their stretchmarks and decided to do something about it. #LoveyourLines movement was started as a way to encourage mothers with stretch marks and other “imperfections” to embrace who they are.


Have you ever noticed as you’re watching a red carpet event, the women are simply asked “What designer are you wearing tonight?” and “How do you stay in such good shape?” Well, some members of Hollywood have had enough of it and are using social media to speak out. #Askhermore was designed to address this issue. The movement hopes to get reporters to look beyond the physical attributes of a woman and talk with her about her talents and interest just as you would her male counterparts.

Social media can be a cruel platform at times for women. It is a place where they are viewed and judged by millions – most of which who don’t know them personally. Women more than men are expected to watch what pictures they post and what clothes they have on. They are expected to appeal to the masses whether they want that type of attention or not. As bad as social media can be at times, it can also be a platform for advocacy. The more women that realize they can utilize social media as a voice for a cause, the more they push forward to continue fighting for equality.

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Blab #7 – #Oscarssowhite, Super Tuesdays, Erin Andrews and More

The divas from Words, Wine and Women are back with their first Blab of the month for Tuesday, March 1st. They certainly didn’t disappoint this week as they dished on hot topics like Chris Rock and Stacey Dash at the Oscars, and impactful moments like Vice President Joe Biden and Lady Gaga with their stance on sexual abuse. Keeping the momentum going, the ladies discuss Super Tuesdays, Donald Trump, Celebrity Apprentice, Erin Andrews and more. Check out the summary of the Blab below or simply hit play to hear the scoop for yourself:

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Can You Believe it! It’s 2016 and Women STILL Can’t Catch a Break

Can you believe that in the year 2016 women are still fighting to be heard? To be equals? Or even to simply be comfortable in our own skin? The internet is flooded with content on gender equality and body shaming. From the workplace to the big screen, we can’t seem to catch a break. It’s like everyone has an opinion and in this digitally social world we live in today, it’s quite easy for the haters to voice their opinions.

Beyoncé Sends a Powerful Message

Our girl Bey put out a song at the top of the month called Formation. In a nutshell, the Queen Bey seems to be sick and tired of being sick and tired. She’s voicing her opinion about the haters, her heritage, her man, her child, and police brutality within the black community. Let’s not forget to mention that she’s also empowering women to get in formation to conquer the world… sounds like an awesome movement right?

Well leave it to the cynics to have something to say. You have those who feel that her performance during the Superbowl was in fact “anti-cop” as it promoted the Black Panther Party and the Black Lives Matter Movement. So they decided to Boycott Beyoncé (Though that turned out to be an epic fail).

Now it seems as if the Miami Police Union is urging a nationwide boycott by law enforcement labor organization of Yoncé’s forthcoming world tour. I never thought a few dance moves and song lyrics would entice this type of response.

Instagram Yoga Star Gets Body Shamed

While you would assume that a yoga enthusiast would be in tip top shape, social media still had to voice their opinion. Kerri Verna posted a picture on her Instagram account wearing a pair of white shorts. To most she looks great and seems to be enjoying herself and loving the skin she’s in. Leave it to social media trolls to mess things up…

Do you know they had the audacity to say her rear end was too fat???!!! (Side-eye) They antagonized the poor woman to the point she deleted the post. Luckily she put the post back up and used it as a platform for body shaming.

Ashley Graham and Sports Illustrated Photoshop Madness

What was supposed to be a momentous moment for model Ashley Graham, took a turn for the worse. Ashely Graham along with Hailey Clauson and Ronda Rousey, graced the cover of Sports Illustrated Magazine making history. We congratulated Sports Illustrated on getting it right in our weekly Blab session. However, not everyone shared our sentiment. In fact, the internet went wild stating that she was photoshopped! Are you serious? Curvaceous women can’t slay the cover like other models without having some sort of technological assistance? Bad enough that she was the only model who’s clothing size was repeatedly publicized next to her name, “the plus size 16 model”.

Reese Witherspoon Addresses Sexism in Hollywood

Last (but certainly not least) you have the talented actress Reese Witherspoon who is speaking out about sexism in Hollywood. Apparently, women are typecast a lot in Hollywood and can only get roles that portray them as less than their male counterparts, or in a sexual nature. As Reese puts it she’s tired of being “the girlfriend in the dumb comedy”.

While she decided to start producing her own movies, not all the women in Hollywood have that platform. Why can’t a woman have a strong leading role that has nothing to do with her physical appearance and everything to do with her intellect or ability to act?


I tell ya, we’ve certainly overcome a lot of obstacles over the past few years including gender equality within the military, but we still have a long way to go. Why won’t society let women be? Why must we continue to prove that we can hang with the best of them? That we can be beautiful in all shapes, sizes, and colors? That we deserve to be taken seriously? That we are more than babies maker and care-givers… in the words of Queen Bey, “Okay ladies now let’s get in formation.” It’s time to stand up for change.

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BLAB #6 – Weekly Dose of Trending Gossip

Words, Wine and Women hosted their third BLAB of 2016 on Tuesday, February 16 at 6pm PST.

Get ready for your weekly dose of trending gossip. Tara and Marybeth keep it real with discussions about Kayne West and Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and keeping her man in check, the 2016 Grammy awards, Sports Illustrated, and the ladies also pay homage to the late “Nasty Girl” Denise “Vanity” Matthews. Check out the Blab recap and summary below:

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TJ Tells All Ep. 4 – It is 2016….what the what?!

On Wednesday January 6th, 2016 Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for a brand new “TJ Tells All” session on Periscope. This week, to start the year off fresh, Tara decided to dedicate this discussion of#TJtellsAll to the new year instead of doing her normal weekly product review. This conversation was all about making and breaking those notorious new year’s resolutions, and some solid words of advice from TJ herself.

Watch the replay of the Periscope session below and read on to get a full recap of Tara’s advice to everyone in 2016:

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BLAB #5 – What’s Up for #2016? #GoldenGlobes & More!

Tara and Beth of Words, Wine and Women where back for their first weekly BLAB of 2016 on Tuesday, January 5th at 6pm PST.

To kick off the New Year, the ladies discussed their New Year’s resolutions, what our lipstick shape says about our personality and of course the upcoming 2016 Golden Globe nominations! Watch the recap of the Blab session and read a summary of all the topics below:

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TJ Tells All Ep. 3 – Champagne is so 2015! NYE Alternative Beverages

On Wednesday December 30, 2015, Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for another round of “TJ Tells All” on Periscope. Since New Year’s Eve is tomorrow, Tara was discussing celebrating the evening and more importantly, what we’ll be drinking! Since not everyone out there drinks alcohol, (and some of us try to moderate the number of drinks we have), Tara decided to review 3 alternative and affordable beverages to help ring in the new year.

Watch the replay of the Periscope session below and read on for more information about each beverage.

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BLAB #4 – 2015 Wrap Up Blab

Tara, BethJacque and Shannon of Words, Wine and Women hosted their weekly BLAB on Tuesday, December 29, 2015 at 6pm PST. For a special, year-end blab session, the ladies wanted to keep this discussion  light, fun and personal. The 2015 Wrap Up Blab was all about “our favorite things of 2015.” Watch the replay and read a quick summary of the highlights below:

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TJ Tells All Ep. 2 – Tara Talks Holiday Gifts (Under $20!)

On Wednesday December 23, 2015, Tara Johnson, @TJWagginherTail, was back for another round of “TJ Tells All” on Periscope. This week, since it’s the Eve of Christmas Eve, the discussion was all about GIFTS under $20 that are super functional and fun!

Watch a replay of the episode here and read on for a detailed summary of every product Tara reviewed on #TJtellsAll.

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BLAB #3 – Holidays, Movies, Gifts & Miss Universe

Tara, Beth and Jacque of Words, Wine and Women hosted their weekly BLAB on Tuesday, December 22, 2015 at 6pm PST.

This discussion was all about the holiday, movies, relationships and some prominent current events in the media. Read on to watch the full #BLAB session.

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